Spare parts for packaging machines
Spare parts for packaging machines

Processing machine knives and blade

Food processing



- Cutting

- Sclicing

- Hashing

- ...

These knives and blades are especially manufactured for OEM manufacturer or completly suitable according OEM specifications.


Some OEM:

Alfa Laval, APV, Baader, Bitterling Cantrell,
Chemtech, Dapec, Gram, Ross 
Hobart, Magurit, Stork, Schroeder, Finnis... et bien d'autres 

Paper and print 


If you require flat/score slitters, perforators, bevelled, toothed or splicer knives for your product then contact us now as we have the expertise to suit your needs


Knives can be supplied using a variety of materials including carbon steel, O1, M2, D2 to meet your requirements and are manufactured to strict tolerances.


Some OEM:

King Press, Goss, Harris, 
Heidelberg, Baldwin, Komori 
Norprint, Black Clawson,... and many more

Plastic and specialized


LCO supply knives for the plastic industry, for a wide variety of applications and machines.

We can help you with the design and development of your specialized knives to ensure that you get the right knife for your product.

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